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Slade To Propose With Heather’s Help Real Housewives Of Orange County -VIDEO

This season on the Real Housewives of Orange County we’ve seen Slade and Gretchen support each other in just about everything that’s been going on. Gretchen even lost her voice defending Slade during 80s night Bunco… remember THIS?

So, anyway. Last week Slade asked Gretchen’s dad for permission to ask Gretchen to marry him. (Hm, maybe Briana’s hubby should have gone to Slade for tips on how to win over the parents.) This week, he enlists the help of Heather in planning his proposal.

And speaking of bratty Briana, she and Vicky are fighting about Brooks. While I agree with Briana that there’s something not quite kosher about this guy, she has NO ROOM to complain that she doesn’t know this guy. Um, sweetheart, your family doesn’t really know your GD HUSBAND! And she refuses to get to know Brooks, so you can’t bitch that you don’t know anything about him, when you ignore him. *I still don’t trust him*

I cannot wait to see how it all goes down tonight!

Tuesday May 15 @9/8c – The Real Housewives of Orange County

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