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Sienna hitches a ride with strangers

sienna miller

Celebrities are weird. So are the paparazzi, but today, Sienna Miller takes the cake. The Daily Mail is reporting that poor dear Sienna was so freaked out by the paps that she jumped into a strangers van to escape. Ummmm, k.

She had been having lunch on…wait for it... ROBERTSON BLVD (the most paparazzi laden street in LA!!)… with her boyfriend, Rhys Ifans… When she left the restaurant, she found she was being followed by the paps. Um, ok.

When some guys in a passing people carrier, seeing her distress, slowed down to offer her a ride, she was so reassured by their claim of “we aren’t murderers or anything, you’ll be safe”, that she hopped in.

The car then made a high speed departure complete with a (tire) screech as Sienna said: “Go, go, go!”

ummm, I’m calling bogus on this one. I can’t wait to see it on popfiction. Or maybe Sienna is just so delicate she can’t take it in LA. Not that I really blame her, really.

To see pics of her jumping into the awaiting van of “strangers” click here