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Shocking True Story: The Rise and Fall of Confidential, a Review VIDEO

Book provided by Knopf

Outing a celebrity for being gay, drug use out of control, Communist ties, and infidelity! All in a day’s work for a celebrity reporter.

I’m not talking about TMZ or Star Magazine.  I’m referring to the one that started us all: Confidential. Without “America’s Most Scandalous Magazine” there would be no Star, Enquirer, or even THIS SITE!

Deemed as smut, and sensational, Confidential also caught the attention of the American people, as well as Hollywood.  Humphrey Bogart said of Confidential, ” Everybody reads it, but they say the cook brought it into the house.”

Shocking True Story: The Rise And Fall Of Confidential gives the true story, behind the true celebrity story.

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Shocking True Story, by Henry. E Scott, delves into the world of celebrity journalism and how it happened. When all of the fan magazines were spoonfed their interviews and stories by the major motion picture houses, Confidential asked “Does Desi Really Love Luci?” and “The Real Reason for Marilyn Monroe’s Divorce!”

When I started reading Shocking True Story, all I could think of was the movie “L.A. Confidential”. And it ends up I had good reason for it. Henry Scott was influenced to start his research on the REAL Confidential Magazine, after reading the BOOK, L.A. Confidential.

Scott could very well have just delved into the private lives of celebrities in Shocking True Story, but instead, put things into perspective on WHY the gossip caused such a stir.  History we were not taught in school comes forward but with Hollywood’s brightest stars in the leading roles.  Suicide, hookers, closeted love affairs, and sexually based movie contracts?

With editors that were former communist supporters turned McCarthy supporter, a publisher who also worked on cheesecake magazines, and call girls and cops as informants, Confidential covered every titillating topic you could come put with. But they always covered their backs. My favorite part was learning that as outrageous as the stories were (many of which are printed in Shocking True Story) many times the publisher HELD BACK the juiciest details.

“[Confidential’s lawyer] explained that if the magazine published a story accusing a celebrity of having sex with a woman not his wife, it might choose to withhold the detail that the lover was an underage girl. The threat that the whole story would come out in court was sufficient to deter most libel suits… What Confidential actually published was “pretty thin stuff” compared to what [the writers] had turned up…”

If you thought L.A. Confidential kept you entertained with FICTION, read Shocking True Story:The Rise And Fall of Confidential.

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