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Sheryl Crow talks Son and Cancer

sheryl crow and son wyatt

YAY! I love me some (fellow Tiger) Sheryl Crow! While in Washington DC to talk before a congressional panel about the Breast Cancer and Environmental Research Act, she also talked with People. In regards to why she’s part of this panel, Crow said

“I want to know what causes this disease – for me, and for the 2.3 million others who share this diagnosis,” “We need more resources to figure out what the environment has to do with [it].”… As for her own health, Crow – who kicks off her summer tour in July – tells PEOPLE: “I’m great, as far as I know. I believe I’m cured. I’m really the poster child for early detection.”

Sheryl has fought her own battle against breast cancer after being diagnosed in 2006.

When it comes to her son Wyatt, Sheryl says he’s the real rock star in the family. Not letting her sing to him too often.

“Right now, he’s not letting me sing anything to him,” …”He is so interested in putting the neck of the guitar into his mouth, it’s difficult to play.”

And as for him joining her on tour?

“He’s been doing it since he was two months old,” said Crow, who adopted Wyatt when he was two weeks old. “He’s been around the world. He’s really the rock star – and I’m his side kick now.”

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