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Shag: The Idolator Print Released

Shag Josh Agle Print The Idolator cat statues print

There are few things that get this Southern California pinup girl more excited than a new Shag print being released. One of those is acutally buying the new Shag print that has been released.

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Tomorrow, Monday June 30th at 7AM, Shag (Josh Agle) is releasing his newest print for sale, The Idolator. This is a 16 color serigraph, 19 by 19.5 inches. All prints are signed and numbered and only 200 were made. If you are looing to add The Idolator to your collection they will be selling for $225.

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Shag’s work is highly collectible and his fans are really that, fanatics. I am one of them and though I had to sell off a big chunk of my limited edition pieces at one point, I still love to think about what pieces I would have if I could afford them. She dreams of the Alps is one of them. But it lives in a nice home in Laguna Nigel, now, with a family that appreciates it.

If you see Shag’s art and you keep getting reminded of Disneyland there is a reason. Shag has been working with Disney for years. He did a limited edition run to celebrate Disney’s 60th anniversary and is even said to have helped with the remodel of the Tiki Room in Adventure Land in addition to the art he designed for the Tiki Room’s 40th anniversary celebration.

If you are true Shag fan, and are dying to meet him, do get yourself on the MModern newsletter, or Shag The Store newsletter.  These galleries are located in Palm Springs and he does many of the mid-century modern events throughout the year there.


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  1. That is a very cool print!

  2. Very fun print, the colors are great.

  3. Love the artwork. Very talented and fun print.

  4. I love the vibrant colors – this would look good in any cheery bright room.

  5. Those colors are so fun. I am loving it!