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SHAG (Josh Agle) Continues Art For Disney!

Continuing his relationship with Disney, Josh Agle AKA SHAG, has designed a new line of paintings for Disney World and Disney’s Cruise Line!!

Due out this Summer, Shag will be releasing 1 new print for Walt Disney World’s 40th Anniversary . This print is a map of the park. There are also 2 new prints for Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Dream. “Top Deck” shows the ship and all of the activities that happen aboard and “Island Intermission” shows families playing on the beach with the cruise ship in the background.

I love love LOVE Shag’s work.  And all of the merchandise he did for Disney breathed much needed life into the gift stores. He helped to redesign the Tiki Room at Disney Land, and did a series of lithographs and merchandise for Disney Land’s 50th anniversary. (I always thought Shag’s work reminded me of Donald in Math Magic Land and Toot, Whistle Plunk and Boom, but that’s just me)

These are SURE to be collectors items. All of the work that I have by Shag have gone up in value and Disney stuff is always in demand. Be on the look out this summer!

Oh here’s Shag and Bee at his “Immoderates” show at M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs in 2007. Yes, he’s laughing AT me.  I completely lost my cool.  sigh… Shag Stan

*LOVE him!*


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