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Sex On the Beach

Kim Cattrall on the beach reading “the secret”

You know, when that video and book “The Secret” came out, EVERYONE I worked with was all about it. I just had a hard time with the idea of “If you think it, it will happen.” I mean, I understand focusing on the positive and all…But what if you and I want the same thing? And we both read the Secret? would we cancel out each other? If i didn’t get it, does that mean my faith wasn’t strong enough? Isn’t that the same crap people were pissed at some fringe churches for?

Anyways, It seems that Sex and the City character Samantha feels the same way I do about the Secret…. and is tossing it over her shoulder. Can you imagine Sam getting all sorts of fanatical about The Secret? Please, the only secret she has is how she can look that good for that long!

LOVES. Kim Cattrall on the beach, filming Sex and the City.


Kim Cattrall on the beach with a dog Sex and the city Kim Cattrall on the beach reading “the secret” kimwithdogonbeach.jpg

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