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Sex and the City is back again!!!


The girls are returning for another round in Sex and the City!!!! Us weekly is saying that the second movie of the HBO franchise will be out May 28th 2010!

The Sex and the City sequel officially has a release date: May 28, 2010, has confirmed.

The second installment debuts around the same time frame as the first flick, which hit theaters May 30, 2008 and earned $412 million worldwide.

I must say that I payed more than my share when the movie came out in theaters. I saw it THREE TIMES and CRIED MY EYES OUT every time. Then I got the movie for Christmas. AND CRIED AGAIN.

I hope they don’t screw this up. I mean, I wasn’t really happy how they treated Samantha and Charlotte in the movie.

Here’s hoping

Bauer Griffin

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