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Set the DVR!!! Colin Firth on Inside The Actor's Studio TONIGHT! [VIDEOS]

I *am* quite something! -BusyBeeBlogger

Oh this is going to be great! Colin Firth is center stage tonight on the Actor’s Studio on Bravo. Sure he’s up for an Oscar for the King’s Speech, but what I really want to hear about are his “fight” with Hugh Grant, and dishing on  A Single Man. My favorite movie last year!  You KNOW there’s gossip going on behind the scenes with Tom Ford on THAT set!

As the Oscars quickly approach, James Lipton sits down with favored Best Actor nominee Colin Firth.  Looking back at his start, including some of his earlier films like Bridget Jones’ Diary, all the way up to The Kings Speech, Firth takes a deep look at how he mastered his most recent role and was able to give such a powerful performance.

Check it out tonight 2/7 @ 7/6c on BRAVO’s Inside the Actors Studio featuring Colin Firth

See video from tonight’s show after the jump!!!!!

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Images via Fame Pictures

Bridget Jones: Colin Firth shares his thoughts on Renee Zellweger’s accent.

The Kings Speech: Colin Firth discusses taking on the part someone who is widely known in this remarkable film.