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September 20th Is National Punch Day! – Elements of Nature Punch

pinup girl bobbing for apples stockings

I love a good reason to get together with friends and have a little fun.  With fall officially starting this week,  what a wonderful way to celebrate than with National Punch Day on September 20th!

I will be posting recipes all week for you to share with your own friends this Friday and all year long.  These will make any get together memorable.

elements of nature punch with apples and cinnamon  Sobieski Toasted Coconut Vodka

Elements of Nature Punch (serves 20)

1 bottle of Sobieski Toasted Coconut Vodka (750 ml)
17 oz. apple cider
8 ½ oz. lemon juice
6 dashes Lucid Absinthe

Combine all ingredients in a punch bowl.  Give a quick stir.  Garnish with apple slice and grated cinnamon.

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