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Sending Christmas To Their Door

Christmas Flower Bouquet with Gingerbread Mug

Look what I got! Happy Christmas flowers, at my front door!💐🚪

Every year there’s always someone you want to get a special gift for, but can’t figure out what to do. Or you forgot, and now you need to send it immediately!  Hush now darling, I have you covered.  Well, Teleflora and I have you covered.

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Christmas Flower Bouquet Front Door

🎄 Now, I knew this super cute gingerbread man and candy cane bouquet was coming from Teleflora because I picked them out and ordered them for myself, and I was still so happy to see it on the little table at my front door that I HAD to take a picture. Just think of how giddy I would be if it was a surprise!

Everyone I know LOVES to get flowers delivered, whether to work, or to their home. Even when it’s not a surprise, it’s still a nice little bit of happy. The fun part is that no one expects a bouquet of Christmas flowers.  If they live far away, maybe they expect a card, but a bouquet of cheerful holiday flowers would be an unexpected gift.

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Gingerbread Man Mug with Christmas Bouquet

This little darling is the holiday Send A Hug® Winter Sips Bouquet, and it comes in a Gingerbread Man Mug, big enough for hot chocolate and marshmallows. How cute is that? I plan on using this mug all year long, seasons don’t really matter here is Southern California, and I can always use a nice bug mug for coffee and tea. Of course, you can choose the size of the Christmas flower bouquet you want to have sent, so if you want to give even more, you can. Make their day, or holiday.

I order flowers from Teleflora for Christmas for lots of people I can’t be with, but I also send them year ’round to people nearby! Nothing like a little surprise love sent to their front door, or office, to add a little cheer to their day.

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