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Shannon Funk, Britney Spears’ short lived assistant who was fired the other day, is all set to sell her story. Dear Lord this is going to be a mess!

Perez Hilton has THIS story in his site this AM.

We then got on the phone with Funk, who told us “that’s not how it went down” and insisted that she hadn’t been fired…

And, according to her, she did not sign a confidentiality agreement when she was under Spears’ employment.

Shannon claims that she’s already been offered up to $500,000 to talk and that she has pictures, though she refused to elaborate to us what those photographs were.

How deliciously awful is this?!?! It’s like I’m watching a B-Movie being scripted in the middle of the night fueled by cheetos, red bull, and Paul Malls by my high school friends. This is going to be BAAAAD!

But get it girl however you can! And good luck finding another job in LA after you get the check ;-)

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