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Sean Connery Loves His Wine

sean connery

You can’t keep Sean Connery from his vino, even when you’re his doctor. He was advised to stop drinking alcohol after he was found to have a heart condition, but Connery isn’t listening. Afterall, a little wine is good for the heart, right?

He tells Wine Spectator magazine, “I do drink red wine because of my friend David Murray, who owns two French wine estates. He showed me the evidence that it was good for the health.

So what types will be the death of him?

“I favour Merlots from Chile for their value and I keep a good deal of California wine in my cellar. I have one that cost me $2,000 for two cases, which I think is rather steep.”

I love that he takes the word of his friend who runs a winery over his doctors. Not that doctors are always right, trust me I lived with one who would call me from the emergency room to ask about a case he was working on. But I would think you should ask your doctor if a little red wine was OK instead of just plowing ahead on it.

But who’s going to stop James Bond?