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Say Goodbye To Beaches VIDEO


This really bums us out. But, while we were at the Reality Cares Event a few weeks ago, we were able to speak with star of Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches on the Travel Channel, Bridget Marquardt.

BusyBeeBlogger was able to ask Bridget if there would be a second season of BSB, and she told us, “it was only supposed to be for one season.” (enter my disappointed look here) “But you never know!”

Well, not we know. Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches will NOT be returning for new episodes on the Travel Channel.

Bridget had a blast traveling to the world’s sexiest beaches; however, we will no longer be airing new episodes. Thank you for your support this season!

What a BUMMER!!! I was really enjoying the show! As if you couldn’t tell by my constant posting every week.

I wonder what Bridget will be doing now. She just bought a house. Hmmmm.

The Media Circuit/Fame Pictures

1 Comment

  1. Damn damn damn! I liked that show… remember when we all used to watch together?! *hmph*