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Savory Cocktails Are On A Comeback

Cover of Savory Cocktails

Cocktails have some how become known as sweet and sugary things. While I have a soft spot for a few fruit infused or even candy coated cocktails, there needs to be a resurgence of the Savory Cocktail.

The smokey, spicy, non-apple-tinis need to reclaim their seat at the bar.  Greg Henry brings back the savory cocktail, with a vengeance.

This book is full of classic and modern recipes, that bring the savory cocktail back to life.

Green Gargoyle Savory CocktailsThe Green Gargoyle is a spicy tequila cocktail, the Margarita’s feisty cousin. page 31

Henry explores the Sour, Herbal, Smokey, Spicy, Unami, Bitter, Rick and Strong cocktails that someone took a backseat. These cocktails are delicious and unexpected. Not difficult to make but indeed complex in flavor.


The cocktails are beautifully shot making each one look just as inviting as the last. And it’s always nice to see what they should or could look like when you serve them up to yourself or your friends.

I think I know a few men that will be getting this as a gift. You can get your own copy as well for about $12.

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