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SATC star : Full frontal was cool

gilles marini shower dante sex and the city movie

Now that the weekend is over, we can freely discuss, some, of the Sex and the City Movie. And the new MALE sex symbol of the movie, French actor Gilles Marini, is talking about his full frontal shower scene. If you can’t place him he was Dante, Samantha’s (Kim Cattrall) new sex crazed neighbor.

When talking to USA TODAY about his time on set, he said that Kim Cattrall even came to set when she didn’t have to be there.

“She made the trips from her trailer — even just for her over-the-shoulder shots,” says Marini, 32, speaking with his strong French accent.

“She was there all the time to give me as much support as possible for me to act well.” (Um hmm.)

Yeah we’re sure she was there to see you “act” honey.

As for hearing women clap and cheer at the premier when he showered and showed all..

“That’s cool,” Marini says with a laugh. “That makes me very happy.”

In all seriousness, Marini says, he is proud of himself for finding the courage to display his entire bod on screen for the first time after a lifetime of painful shyness.

“Even in my house, I’m never naked,” he says.

If you want to read the rest of the USA article, click here.

Want to see MORE of Gilles Marini? Go to his official website or even his MYSPACE.

Pics from myspace

gilles marini sex and the city premier