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Sarah Jessica Parker's TMI on SATC2

While promoting the juggernaut that is Sex and the City 2, Sarah Jessica Parker decided to embarrass her co-star Kristin Davis by telling them all about her (Davis’) tummy troubles while filming in Morocco.


“We didn’t even have a bathroom,” Parker told reporters of the rough conditions of their on-location shoot. “There was literally no interruptions. Kristin Davis got sick.”

Davis admitted, “I didn’t want anyone to know.” The star texted Parker’s brother Aaron, who worked behind the scenes on the film. “So I texted Aaron. I was like, ‘Aaron, can you call the doctor. I can’t get out of bed!’ And then we didn’t tell anyone until I was better. It was our little secret.”

“Apparently,” Parker added, “If you’re very sick and have a very serious intestinal issue, you just need warm milk.”

A laughing Davis quickly interrupted her. “Stop, stop, stop! You don’t have to tell them everything!”

“I didn’t say you,” Parker giggled. “I said you had a strange cough.” [Via US]

Wow, it’s like SATC 1 come to life! Did THAT movie whammy poor Kristin Davis? And don’t tell me you forgot about Poughkeepsie pudding!

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Image via SATC2 Facebook