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Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds A Real Item?

Despite denials, the rumors that Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are secretly dating won’t stop. The pair reportedly spending a “just as friends” New Year’s Eve together in Austin, and now Radar Online is saying that the hush hush couple have been spending time together in the ever sexy Wyoming. Their source spilled the beans saying –

Sandy has owned her Wyoming home for a number of years, and loves that she’s left alone there. “She feels very comfortable having Ryan there with her,” the source told

“Sandy and Ryan are just enjoying spending time together. They have known each other for years and they have a built-in familiarity.

“It’s great to see Sandy with a true smile on her face. Ryan has made at least two trips to Jackson Hole during the holidays, and her friends except more to come.”

Now wait a minute. Sandra has a steel trap of friends around her that keep their mouths shut. That’s how she was able to keep her SON a secret for so long. Even in the midst of her marriage falling apart. Sooooo, take it with a grain of salt.

Meanwhile it’s still being circulated that Scarlett Johansson is hooking up with Jared Leto.

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