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San Diego TV Icon Larry Himmel Dies From Cancer

San Diego TV and Radio personality Larry Himmel had died of cancer.

It is a sad morning here in San Diego county. Long time news, radio and TV personality Larry Himmel has died. Larry had been a staple in the San Diego news community for nearly 40 years but lost his battle with cancer last night.

He was sometimes refered to, tounge in cheek, as the godfather of San Diego. If you needed something done, especially in the radio/tv/news arena, he was the man to approach. Radio show The DSC even credited him with them getting their show back on the air after the kerfuffle at another radio station. Whether or not he had that much power or reign, there was no questioning that Larry Himmel had a footprint here in San Diego county.

Those of us from this San Diego are remember Himmel from his TV show San Diego At Large, doing everything from color commentary/man on the street/weather/sports for KFMB channel 8, and radio. Others around the world will remember him as the reporter that watched his own home burn on air.

Larry Himmel was reporting on the San Diego fires in 2007 when he was near his own home at 4-S Ranch. The firefighters were unable to save his home but did allow Himmel and his videographer to go and report on his own home being consumed by the flames. His professional demeanor during this moment was stunning and gained him recognition across the country.

While there will be tears from the loss of such a fun personality of Larry Himmel here in San Diego, we here at Busy Bee Blogger will remember him fondly… as Biff the surfer, his nose covered in zinc oxide, wearing flowered board shorts, and watching pretty girls on the beach.

Thank you Mr. Himmel for being a mainstay in my childhood. We love you.

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