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San Diego Chargers Lightning Ladies Training Camp Event

We may be mid-summer sweating our tushes off right now, but football season is right around the corner!

Last week Busy Bee Blogger and my guest, Joe from Single Guys Says were able to attend the “Lightning Ladies” training camp event for the San Diego Chargers at Qualcom stadium.  The Lightning Ladies is a mostly women’s fan club for the San Diego Chargers.

Through the event, all attendees were treated to training film break down with quarter back coach John Ramsdell, learning how to kick a field goal, and practice drills on the field.  There were even cocktails and appetizers, and we all know that those are most important.  Nothing like tipsy women trying to kick a ball.

I have to say that this was quite the event for someone like me that doesn’t know all that much about football. Yes, I have worked with football teams in the past in a professional capacity, but fixing broken football players doesn’t mean I know how to understand a call on the field.  It’s just that simple.

My favorite part was me not knowing who any of the alumni, like Billy Ray Smith, or the coaches were.  I am blissfully ignorant and wasn’t star struck in the least.   But it was fun to see Single Guy get excited about meeting a few of the former players.

There are a couple of videos from the event  and you can check them out here and here.  If you look closely you can see Single Guy twice and a very short snip of Busy Bee tweeting from my phone.  Yeah, we’re totally first string this year.  All the way ;-)

Are any of you part of football fan clubs?

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