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San Clemente High School Students Leaving After Bomb Threat Lockdown

It is now being reported that San Clemente High School students are being sent home following the bomb threat lockdown.

SCHS was put on lockdown after a note was found early this morning, in the barracks room of an Unauthorized Absence Navy Medic, Daniel Morgan. The note stated that he had placed bombs at the high school.

The Orange County Police and Camp Pendleton are still searching for the bomb threat suspect. The suspect is 22 year old Navy Corpsman Daniel Morgan. He is WHITE with short hair, and wears glasses. HE IS DRIVING A WHITE JEEP WRANGLER WITH BLACK TOP – 6NKZ930.

Parents were urged to call the school district’s rumor control hotline, (949) 234-5575 for more information regarding when they can pick up their children.

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