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Sam's "Great" so says mom


Ah moms. They can sometimes be the best promoter of you after a split, telling anyone who will listen just how fabulous you are. Samantha Ronson’s mom, Ann Dexter Jones, is no different.

“She’s doing great,” Dexter Jones, told PEOPLE when asked how Ronson is faring after her high-profile breakup. “She’s really, really well.”

“She’s always working. But I don’t pry,” said Dexter Jones. “I’m giving her her space. She’s strong and smart and with a great heart.”

As for her thoughts on Lohan, Ronson’s mom would only say, “Sam is a strong, fabulous girl … But I think it is good that I don’t comment on Lindsay.”

Yes, don’t comment on Lindsay Lohan, especially after you tried to get a restraining order on her.

So what do you think of Samantha’s mom talking to the press?

Pics are of Samantha Ronson leaving LAX earlier today

Bauer Griffin

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