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Sam the Cooking Guy vs Kathie Lee and Hoda on the Today show!

Sam The Cooking Guy the Today Show Kathie Lee Hoda

Sam The Cooking Guy has gone and done it. It may very well be his last time visiting the Today Show late edition, but he did what many of of have been wanting to do, he shushed them on live tv.

The 4th hour of the Today show is co-hosted by Kathy Lee Gifford… yeah her, and Hoda. Now Hoda is generaly pretty good at minding her manners while still being the lively host, but Kathie Lee likes to just be the center of attention no matter what. Well, Kathie Lee and Sam got into it! It was awkward. but AWESOME! Sam basically told KLG and Hoda to STFU! LOVE IT!!!

Ok, he didn’t really say STFU, but he DID say “CAN I TALK?” and it totally shut everyone up on the set. KLG got totally catty the rest of the time saying that Sam won’t be back on the show!!!!


Don’t take no guff!