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Sam Lutfi not getting paid

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So after we heard from Kevin Federline’s lawyer regarding whether or not Sam Lutfi was on the take from the photo agencies… Sam and his friends are saying he NEVER took any money for pics or stories… uh huh.

Sources close to Sam tell TMZ he is very upset anyone would even think he took money to set up Britney Spears. As we reported on Thursday, Sam was questioned by K-Fed’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, on his relationship with X17 and his financial situation. “All he is trying to do is save a life,” our source explained. “The only ones making money off of Britney is the media.”

As for the negative stories about his relationship with Brit, our source says Sam would “never ask the media to print a lie or anything positive about either of them. Just print the truth.”

If he was so concerned about saving her life, he’d keep her home. IMO