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Sam Lutfi in his OWN words

sam via bitten and bound

Hey all… Since the restraining order request against Sam Lutfi was made public I have been feeling terrible. I really can’t deal with this very well. It’s heartbreaking to hear, and makes me angry at the same time.

I want to shout out to BITTEN AND BOUND. They have been doing some digging on Sam Lutfi and it’s not pretty. They have even been interviewed by some of the print media, but since it’s doesn’t make Sam look like a savior they’re not printing BITTEN AND BOUND’s story. IMO.

I’m really sorry today’s been slow, I am just having a hard time with all of this. I know it’s just a gossip blog, but these are REAL people, and this one just hit hard.

Go to BITTEN AND BOUND (here and here), tell them you saw this here, and read all about SAM LUTFI in his OWN WORDS.