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Sam and Lindsay's Skinny Contest?


This just doesn’t sound like a healthy relationship, at all. OK! is saying that there’s a “contest” of sorts between Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan on who can be the thinnest. Awesome.

But Sam has gotten skinnier not only due to not wanting to be “fat” but also from the stress of being with LL.

“Sam has gotten so thin from Red Bull, cigarettes and stress related to life with Lindsay,” the DJ’s friend tells OK!.

“Lindsay is bad for Sam’s health…”

“Sam is disgusted by overweight people, but now she’s gotten too skinny because of stress,” adds her friend.

After a recent fight, “Sam went to the hospital because she had a panic attack and couldn’t breathe,” the pal says of the Dec. 21 ER visit.

“Sources” go on to say that Lindsay feels competitive with Samantha to be the thinnest

“Lindsay is obsessed with her weight; it’s hard to be with another woman and not compare bodies,” the source tells OK!.

“And Sam herself loves being skinny and prefers Lindsay super-lean.”

Gee, this sounds like a great pairing. I think they should be together forever. Of course, Lohan’s rep denies all of it….

While Lindsay’s rep tells OK!, “This story is not true; there is no competition. Lindsay is fine,” Sam’s friend insists, “I think they need therapy, so Lindsay can learn to be less clingy and take the pressure off Sam.”