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Brad and Angelina at Salt premier in LA

So, Salt premiered last night in Los Angeles.  You know, that action movie, where Angelina Jolie smolders her way through dangerous stunts?  No, not that one, the newest version…

Anyway, it seemed that Brad Pitt took the premier of his babymomma’s movie to premier  his beard free face, officially.  He was really feeling the Studio 54 last night, open shirt, gold pendant, and AJ was bringing the discoball right along side.

Oh and if you are headed to ComiCon like I am, it’s rumored that both Brad and AngieJo will be there on Thursday.  Just a rumor, but you never know.  (and no matter how much smack I talk about anyone, if I meet them in person, I would be a total fan, hee.)

Images via Fame