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Salma Hayek Marries Billionaire Boyfriend!!!


Ah, love… The on again off again couple of actress/producer Salma Hayek and luxury good king, Francois-Henri Pinault have gotten married, in Paris, on St. Valentine’s day! What a story! It may be no surprise that they chose that day since their little daughter, born September 2007 is named Valentina.

Hayek, 42, and Pinault, 46, were married on Saturday – St. Valentine’s Day – in the City Hall of the Sixth Arrondissement in central Paris, according to the publication, which is owned by the Pinault family.

Sixth Arrondissement Mayor Jean-Pierre Lecoq subsequently confirmed the report to the French news agency Agence France-Presse.

The couple had been engaged while Salma was pregnant with their daughter, but broke off their engagement last July. Friends of the couple said that it was because of trips to Paris, that their romance was rekindled.


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