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Ryan O’Neal “Both Of Us, My Life With Farrah” Review & Giveaway

I don’t know much about Ryan O’Neal. Honestly, before reading this book I only knew that he was an actor, had dated Farrah Fawcett, and had really messed up kids. That was it. So, when I began reading his memoir on his life with Farrah, I had some catching up to do.

O’Neal’s book starts off running. No real introduction, like most memoirs, into his life and how he became an actor, or even about his past two marriages. This memoir really is, simply put, this life with Farrah. How they met, how he instantly fell for her. Her divorce from Lee Majors, and how he loved showing her off to the people he knew, and the difficulties with Tatum and Griffin, two of his children.

The way that O’Neal describes their relationship, especially the beginning of their affair, is somewhat tawdry. While proclaiming that his is an extremely private person, he gives more detail in some aspects than was necessary. I mean, really? But, I suppose it is his story, and the this is the way he tells it. It’s almost like sitting with “one of the guys” and he’s telling a younger man the story of “the one that got away” over scotch in a dark corner of a private club. Crass at times, but indeed genuine.

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He is surprisingly honest about his fights with daughter Tatum about Farrah. How he could have/should have done things differently with his only daughter. That he somehow thought that Tatum was old enough to handle her own life at 16, and that didn’t he deserve to be in love? It’s difficult to read sometimes, and I found myself judging his parenting skills at times. I decided it was best to leave that side of him off of the table and just focus on his relationship with Farrah. Yes, hard to do when his son Griffin and daughter Tatum are constantly screwing their own lives up throughout the book.

O’Neal is also very open about his struggles in his own acting career and how he handles Farrah’s rising fame. Or, should I say, poorly handles Farrah’s rising career. He admits he was frustrated, and felt emasculated by her shining star, while simultaneously being so proud and happy for her. Not easy for any man, let alone any man in Hollywood.

There were parts that were difficult to get through. Ryan’s account of the years they fought, their infidelities, and accused infidelities that weren’t true, Farrah’s all consuming health and emotional problems. When they finally split, and their eventual reconciliation during O’Neal’s struggle with Leukemia. And of course, Griffin, Tatum, and eventually Ryan and Farrah’s own son Redmond’s long problems with drugs and getting arrested.

Eventually, most of us know how this story ends. Farrah is also diagnosed with cancer, and spends the last few years of her life fighting to live the way she wants to live. And Ryan is right there with her. The tone of his writing changes during during this time of their lives together. Maybe because it is the most recent and the memories are clearer. Maybe it’s because he is still so very much in love with the woman he lost. But you can feel every bit of his fight for her, of his laying with her as they watched her documentary. And how he held onto her until she left. You can read what I believe is his true love for Farrah.

I started this memoir thinking that Ryan O’Neal only did this book for the press, and to possibly make some money off of Farrah’s memory. Who knows if that has any truth to it. But after reading “Both Of Us” I am convinced that he did want his own story of his life with Farrah to be out there while people still cared. Not just his life with Farrah, but how he loved her. And, it is a love story.

A messy, Hollywood, tragic, screaming fights, sweet love notes, love story, where they did end up together in the bitter sweet end.

If you are a fan of either Farrah Fawcett, or Ryan O’Neal, I suggest you get this book. I was not a fan of either, but I still found it enjoyable, and at the end found myself crying over their life together.


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