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Russell Brand to Propose?

russell brand katy perry galliano paris 4

Dear gawd, can’t people just date?  I guess not if they’re famous.

Now that Russell Brand and Katy Perry have been very public about their dating…. The engagement rumors have begun.

A source close to Russell said: “We’ve never seen him like this. He always has a woman on his arm, or in his bed, and hasn’t been interested in monogamy.

“But this is different – we all think it won’t be long before he marries Katy. I’m waiting for a call to say they are in that Little Chapel in Vegas and have run off to get married.”

A couple that would be fitting, and celebrated, would be Russell Brand and the Waking up and Vegas Katy Perry.

Brand has even said about his relationship with Perry,

“To be honest I haven’t stopped smiling. She’s a lovely girl and it’s going really, really well. In fact I’ve never felt more settled in all my life. Katy is fantastic. I’m really happy.”

As long as they are happy… and it seems that they are :-)

ANG/Fame Pictures