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Russell Brand, Kissing Comic


Hello, I’m famous, care to make out? Alright.

I have a feeling that’s how the conversation went today in Sydney.

A girl named Emma, was waiting for a ferry (not Russell) when Russell showed up with his massive hair, sunglasses and see through shirt, and chatted a while, joking with the girl and them ended up kissing her. Hello there.

Emma seemed to be having a good time, only to realize at one point just what was going on, putting her head in her hands and being consoled by Russell Brand the kisser himself. I guess that just shows what a good sense of humor can do (well, that and being famous).

Can you imagine the story she told everyone when she got to wherever she was going! No one believed her I’m sure.

I admit, I have a crush on Russell Brand and have NO IDEA what I would do if he just randomly showed up and started talking to me as I was waiting for something. I doubt I’d even be able to form sentences let alone smooch up on him.

What would YOU do if someone famous chatted you up with no one else around?

Bauer Griffin

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1 Comment

  1. ha ha ha…great write up!!! I have a crush on him too….I’m almost a little ashamed…I think because he’s part crazy and very sexual, LOL….