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Run Nick Run!!!


You know, ever since the National Enquirer was right about Nicole Richie being pregnant, I’m giving them a little slack.

They just posted this story about Vanessa Minnillo wanting to marry Nick Lachey. Hey, I don’t blame the girl, he’s a catch! But Nick had better watch himself, especially if she’s asking for no prenup. He did that once with Jessica… no way he’d do that again.

“Vanessa Minnillo has hit Nick Lachey with a wedding ultimatum – marry me by next year without a prenup or I’m gone! ‘Vanessa loves Nick, but she’s prepared to walk if he’s not willing to marry her,’ an insider told The ENQUIRER. ‘And she’s not going to get involved in a prenuptial agreement. She feels marriage is forever, and she doesn’t want to begin a lifelong commitment by signing an agreement that’s just an out for a divorce.’ Ex-boy band member Nick, 33, and the 26-year-old beauty are spending time between homes in Los Angeles and New York – and are nearly ready to seal the deal, say sources.

“As the Enquirer recently revealed, Vanessa has picked out an engagement ring – a platinum band with a large emerald-cut diamond in the center and two smaller emerald-cut stone on each side. She first spotted the sparkler at the Kentucky Derby in May. ‘But all bets are off in Nick forces a prenup on her,’ said the insider.”

Run Nick Run. It won’t get any easier.

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