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Rollerskates on Broadway? why not!


Ok does Olivia Newton John age, EVER? She looks fantastic!!

After being delayed two weeks due to the recasting of one of the leads, he fractured his ankle while rehearsing, Xanadu made it’s Broadway debut. (I guess that’s what happens when you sing, skate, and try to hit your mark all at the same time.) That’s right, the roller skating, Greek muse filled, Electric Light Orchestra sound tracked movie from 1980 has been made into an on stage performance.

This is a takeoff that takes its craft seriously. The creators and cast of expertly good sports know precisely what they want to do, and they do it with breezy, self-referential humor and, of course, with roller skates.

Cynthia Nixon was there too….

Maybe she and Olivia could get together, and chat about self upkeep. Come on girl, you have a movie coming up!