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Shapiro Is NOT Lohan's Attorney

Yesterday, we all got to hear from OJ Simpson’s former lawyer Robert Shapiro about how he’s taking on Lindsay Lohan’s DUI case.  Um, somebody had better tell the LA court system that.  According to them, it just isn’t so.

According to Los Angeles Superior Court spokesman Allan Parachini, Shaprio has not yet filed the necessary paperwork to officially take over Lohan’s case. “If she has a new attorney, both the outgoing attorney and the incoming attorney have to file substitution of counsel notice,” he said. “That has not happened yet.” [People]

You would think that a high profile lawyer like Shapiro would know to do this before opening his yapper to the press.

More pics of Shapiro and his magical eyebrows leaving paparazzi hot spot Madeo last night.  cough *famewhore* cough

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