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Rinse Recycle Reimagine – Recycle Those Shower Bottles!

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When you are scrubbing away in the shower and your run out of liquid soap what do you do with the bottle? Those plastic bottles used for soap, shampoo and facial cleansers CAN BE RECYCLED. Unfortunately, and it may sound ridiculous, but less shower plastic bottles are recycled than plastic from the rest of the house.

Unilever – the maker of products including Dove®, Suave®, St. Ives®, Caress® and more – is stepping in to inspire Americans to clean up their act in the bathroom. Their new campaign “Rinse. Recycle. Reimagine.” in partnership with Keep America Beautiful and the Ad Council designed to educate people about recycling in the bathroom, inspire them to reimagine what empty bathroom products could become through recycling, and ultimately make a small change that holds big potential to positively impact the environment. With just a rinse and a recycle, empty bath and beauty bottles can take on new life and return as hairbrushes, backpacks or even backyard play set. (Visit to learn more.)

new caress forever body washes last for up to 12 hours

When it comes to bathroom recycling, there is a gap between knowledge and action.

  • While a majority of Americans are aware that their empty bath and beauty bottles are recyclable, less than half (34%) report always bringing empty bathroom items to the recycling bin.
  • In comparison, 86% of Americans claim to always recycle in general, and nearly half (46%) reported always recycling kitchen recyclables.

The hardest part of recycling those bathroom bottles is figuring out what to do with them while you are in the middle of the shower. You don’t want to put them back down on the shower shelf when they are empty because chances are you will just forget about it and leave them in there.

The easiest thing is to just toss them out onto the bathroom mat as you use them up. That way the bottles are waiting for you when you get out of the shower. But if you have to go a distance to make it to your recycling bin this might not be so convenience. Why not add a small trash can to the bathroom just for bottles? You really shouldn’t have to empty it that often and it makes it much more convenient to gather recyclable bottles.

Contest Information

Have a better idea? Unilever is giving a chance to win prizes to those that share their ideas of how to recycle your shower bottles on social media with a photo. Just tag your pic on twitter and Instagram with #sweeps #ReimagineThat @UnileverUSA and you could be in the running for daily prizes from Unilever. You can read all about the rules and PRIZES on their site.

What are some of the ways you and those in your home can recycle your bathroom bottles? I’d love to hear how you make it easier.

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  1. Very interesting to hear that there’s so much being done around recycling and creating awareness. Oops, I also throw all these bottles away without any second thoughts. Thanks for this post, it really sensitized me :)

  2. We recycle everything over here. :-)

    They have several bins for the different types of recyclables downstairs, we separate everything up here.

  3. Truth! I’m huge on recycling here in NYC… great tips for people who didn’t know they could do this!