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Review – Adidas MiCoach Watch

adidas micoach review

Fitness gadgets are becoming better and better. Today, we look at the Adidas MiCoach watch. Just recently released, this is the companion to the Adidas MiCoach app that is available on Android and Apple.

With the MiCoach app you can track your calories, total distance thanks to GPS, and set your goal work out pace. It’s particularly helpful if you are not sure about how far your daily run/walk is or how far you bike every day. It even keeps track of the terrain, which is also helpful when planning your routine.

The new watch also has Bluetooth and music capabilities. You can listen to your playlist via the watch through wireless headphones on your run.

I know a few runners who might want this for Christmas.

*Editor’s Note from Cari Bee* – I used the MiCoach app for some of my #5280ofawesome, and I found that it sucked my battery life quickly. Using the watch would help me not to have to worry about my phone’s battery life.

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Joe Likey is a contributing author to BusyBeeBlogger and also runs his own site, JoeLikey, for all things tech, golf, and spirits.

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