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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is SUPERSIZED With Drama Tonight! [Video]

It’s Cedric!  – Cedric, Lisa VanderPump’s former houseguest, comes to Lisa’s party and Lisa is not tolerating it.

This week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Monday, 1/16 at 9/8c), is SUPERSIZED, with more drama than ever. Cedric just shows up out of the blue to Lisa’s party, uninvited and clearly unwelcomed. And what’s the deal with Kim? She’s all over the place – something is up!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 2, *SUPERSIZED* Monday 1/16 @ 9/8c

The Hawaiian getaway may not have gone exactly as planned, but while most of the women are ready to leave the drama behind, it seems as though Kim is returning with more baggage than she left with. Kim’s relationship has taken a turn for the worse and she doesn’t know where to turn. Will Kim open up to her sister about what’s been going on with Ken, or will she continue to keep the truth from Kyle.

Meanwhile, Lisa is hosting the grand opening of her new restaurant when an unwanted guest shows up. Cedric is back, but has he really come with only good intentions, or is there something more fueling his sudden return?

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Seemingly Out Of itKim Richards seems a little out of it and Adrienne Maloof asks Kyle Richards to talk to her.

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