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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills 1/13 Sneak Peek! VIDEO

When it comes to the housewives and their relationships, it seems that three’s a crowd.  Lisa and her husband Ken continue to disagree about their permanent houseguest, Cedric.  Will Ken finally win and get Cedric to move out? Cedric isn’t the only third wheel infringing on Lisa’s personal space.  When Lisa meets up with Kyle for lunch she is disappointed by Kyle’s new buddy, Taylor.  Will the close relationship that Taylor and Kyle are forming get in the way of Lisa’s bond with Kyle, or will all the ladies be able to play nice together?

Find out this Thursday 1/13 @ 9/8c BRAVO’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

See the Sneak Peek video after the jump!

Is Cedric getting kicked out? Lisa VanderPump’s permanent house guest Cedric panics when Lisa’ husband Ken suggests he moves out.

Three’s a Crowd: Lisa VanderPump wanted to catch up with Kyle Richards so she is a bit disappointed when Taylor Armstrong joins the table

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