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Reader Giveaway!!!

Who wants free stuff?!?!?!

Click below for more details!

The lovely people at Dentyne want to make sure that you “Make Face Time”. Take time to see people off the computer every day. ;-)

We are giving away 2 groups of prizes

One winner will get a
Make Face Time T-Shirt,
Dentyne Gum
Make Face Time Frisbee!

The top winner will get
2 T-shirts (I think therefore I blog and Make Face Time)
1 12 pack of Dentyne Gum
1 Make Face Time Frisbee

Just leave a comment and I will choose a random winner. Good Luck!

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  1. Who doesn’t want free stuff?! The “I Think Therefore I Blog” shirt is very cute.

  2. OMG, I sooo want that shirt ‘I think therefore I blog’ haha love it!!

  3. If The Bee autographs it, I’m in.

  4. If i win the gum and the T-shirt then i’ll be as cool as Mr. Big