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Raising Hope For Survivors of Domestic Violence With “Hope Five”

Alliance for hope hope five

Raise your hands for Hope, or rather, give it a high five.  San Diego Chargers’ safety Eric Weddle announced last week that he and jewelry company Evolution Lighthouse were joining together for Hope Five.  Like the Ice Bucket Challenge, this campaign lets all those that stand together against domestic violence to share a short creative high five video on social media.  All money raised is to go to Alliance for Hope, a 501(c) (3) charity that supports victims of domestic violence and supports children affected by domestic violence in hopes to break the cycle an abusive environment creates.


Celebrities have already gotten involved making their own videos, including NFL player Eric Weddle, andVH1’s Mob Wives star Natalie Guerico.  You can see Natalie’s video above!  And they called out their famous friends to donate to Alliance for Hope, and make their own Hope Five video.

How you can help:


1)      Film a fun, silly, creative, sexy, athletic, unique or boring high five aka “HOPE Five” to be posted on IG, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other social media you have.

2)      List the domestic violence charity in your description:

3)      Challenge and tag three specific individuals (influential social people) to “Give HOPE” either in the form of a donation or to post a “Hope Five” video within the next 24 hours, tagging 3 additional people to do the same.

4)      Hashtag #HopeFive #AllianceForHopeFive

5)      Concept: Similar to the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, just easier and making people smile with a Hope Five.

If you would like to participate and give to Alliance for Hope, you can donate directly at You can also treat yourself to one of the Evolution Lighthouse Hope Bracelets with proceeds going directly to Alliance for Hope.

If you tag Busy Bee Blogger on your Hope Five video, we would love to share it with everyone else.

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  1. I can dig this. I recently read a post about a man who beat his wife, she dropped the charges, then when he came out he killed her. Domestic violence is no joke. I have always found it very confusing to be honest, how a person can be with someone who abuses them, but I know it’s not a simple matter for those people. I just have a hard time understanding it.

  2. Very cool movement. Let’s hope some good names get on to support!