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Preview of Tonight’s Mad Men S6E10 Video

Joan Harris green floral dress

After last week’s romp through the ex-es, we got a preview of what this week’s drink filled Mad Men will be. While these glimpses rarely make sense especially when the episode finally airs, it’s still fun to find out how the nonrelated dramatic points were sewn together.

It appears that something fabulous is going on with Joan. Could Bob, the guy from the accounts department, have proposed? She does seem to be glowing.

Then there’s a flight for Don and Roger. Where are they headed? Detroit, Los Angeles, upstate?

Then we finally have Megan, who just realized that Don is cynical. Oh Megan, Don is a waste of human space not fit for anything but selling nylons. Get out while you still have your soul.

And if you want a refresher on last week, here ya go.

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