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Posh was BUSY!

Marc Jacobs Victoria Beckham Fashion week 2008 Feb 8

Victoria Beckham knows how to work the fashion week! Here she is with her main…uh… gay… Marc Jacobs at his show. What happened to him? I mean, he’s HOT now!!! But I kind of miss the geeky glasses and long hair designer. It must be that younger man… Though Posh seems to be marking territory here.

She also made it to the W lounge after the Project Runway Judging.

Oh the hassle of being a fashion plate. It’s a MAYJAH pain.

victoria-beckham2.jpg victoria-beckham1.jpg marc-jacobs-victoria-beckham2.jpg victoria-beckham1-wlounge.jpg victoria-beckham2-wlounge.jpg victoria-beckhamprojectrunway.jpg