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Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Great Sound?

The BOSE SoundLink mini easily fits into a travel bag for the beach. Perfect for southern California living

Bose SoundLink Mini Review

Searching for a portable Bluetooth speaker that actually sounds clear and provides a quality listening experience along with the portability to take it with you anywhere? My thought was I had to choose between either quality sound or convenience and portability. I had come to the conclusion that I’d never find a portable Bluetooth speaker that sounded clear and actually had depth to it, but then I heard the Bose SoundLink Mini.

As I was unwrapping and getting the BOSE SoundLink Mini setup I already had the idea that it was going to be another disappointment. We had seen more than our fair share of bluetooth speakers while at CES, and very few were worth listening to.  The SoundLink is a little bigger than some of its counterparts but not huge and setup was rather simple. Using the included charging cradle, which is very convenient compared with the traditional plug, I let it charge for a few hours and then with the push of one button on the device and a couple on my Nexus 5 I was all ready to go.

The BOSE soundlink sits on its cradle for easy charging.

After loading up a quick playlist what came next I can only call amazement, I was absolutely floored with the quality of audio that came out of this little guy. Turning the volume up I was pleasantly surprised that even the highest volume I didn’t get that normal “Tinny” sound and feedback you’ll notice on most portable speakers. Excited by the sound quality I tried a few more songs, this time looking for something with a little bit of bass. Now as expected with such a small speaker and no dedicated subwoofer the bass isn’t defined but it is much better than any other portable I have tested to date. The Bose SoundLink Mini also stayed connected as I walked around the house going about my business with very few skips or drop offs in signal, as is experienced with all Bluetooth connections.

One feature that is missing, but I’m actually happy about, is that when you get a call it only rings on your phone not on the speaker. Personally I hate it when you are listening to a great song and then suddenly your phone is ringing and that sound is blasting through the speaker, or worse you answer the call and its default function is to play the call through the speaker so your whole party can hear the conversation. The Bose SoundLink Mini simply mutes the music and your phone rings like normal, when you are done with the call the music picks right back up where it left off. I believe this is a win and it’s smart to realize that most people have built in speaker phone, if they want to make a call on speaker they will use the feature on their phone.

The BOSE SoundLink mini lets you take your great sound with you

If there is any disappointment in testing this, it’s the fact that the testing period has come to an end and it has to go back now, so Bose if you’re listening out there I love this speaker and I’d gladly test it for you again, wink wink. Then again for only $199 at Verizon I might just pony up the dough and buy one, if you are on the market for a Portable Bluetooth Speaker you should do the same, it’s definitely worth the money and you won’t be disappointed. This is an outright win in the Portable Bluetooth Speaker category, and I’m happy that Bose was able to live up to its history of providing a great listening experience.

This is a non-sponsored post. We did receive a BOSE SoundLink Mini to test that was returned. All editorial content is our own.

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  1. This is our favorite speaker because it’s small yet delivers great sound!