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Plushies scare me.


J-Lo is having her new video done by David LaChapelle, with S & M, and Plushies. Plushies scare me. Don’t know what Plushies are? Plushies are when people dress like big stuffed animals, and do naughty things to each other. Want to know what’s going on in the new plushie video????

For two days, director David LaChapelle had her tricked out in the sort of tight, studded-leather outfit that avenging moms apparently wear when they rescue their children from sex clubs.

Never mind that LaChapelle’s scenario has nothing to do with the lyrics of “Do It Well,” the first single from J.Lo’s forthcoming CD, “Brave.” Lopez really wanted to work again with the photographer, who directed her “I’m Glad” video.

Perhaps aware that she also really wants a child, LaChapelle gave her one — a son, about 6 years old. For some reason, the kid is being held hostage in this kinky club. Enter J.Lo, kicking around bouncers the same way she wailed on that abusive husband in “Enough.”

Searching for her boy, she discovers a grimy place that resembles a Petland store run by the Marquis de Sade. Opening one door, she sees a dominatrix, dressed up as a cat, whipping a man in a mouse mask and underpants. He’s stretched out on a mousetrap. Behind another door is a giant hamster cage, where one woman trods an exercise wheel while another sucks water from a bell bottle.

Lopez makes her way past an assortment of pimps and hos, finally finding her boy washing dishes in the kitchen. She leads him to safety, tossing a few goons over the railing along the way.

Fantastic!!! I often feel like the girl on the hamster wheel… keep running!!!