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Piven and Dita? Hmmmm

Dita Von Teese Jeremy Piven dating

Although this still seems a little weird, I’d say it’s still a step up for Dita Von Teese. It seems that Jeremy Piven is making a shy play for the centerfold while at Sundance. Oooh…..

…as he browsed at Kari Feinstein’s suite at Social Hollywood in LA last week, [Jeremy Piven] was forced to come clean about the identity of his “brunette and curvy” lady friend because he didn’t know her size. He finally told the clerk the dresses were for [Dita] Von Teese…Von Teese’s lawyer, Keith Fink, told us Piven has seen her performance and he shyly said hello to her when he ran into her at an LA newsstand right before he bought the dresses. “She is single, and she’s not dating, so he should step up to the plate because there’s a lot of guys interested,” said Fink.

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