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Pitt Pulls from “Play”

See how clever I am… it’s alliteration… :-)

So there’s this movie “State of Play” that Brad Pitt was supposed to be in, but he didn’t like the script so he pulled out of the movie. (due to the writer’s strike, Universal couldn’t work on the script) Why in the world would you agree to a movie if you didn’t like the script!!!????

He was supposed to play some sort of politico turned reporter focusing on an up and coming politician involved in a murder. Ed Norton is the politician. Yup, it’s Fight Club all over again. Pitt was probably trying to get it so his journalist character was really just a figment of Norton’s imagination. Like the Tell-Tale Heart…

This movie looks really good, but I can’t stand Pitt as an actor… it is also starring Helen Mirren, Rachel McAdams, Jason Bateman and Robin Wright Penn in the Matthew Michael Carnahan-scripted adaptation of the British miniseries.

Universal is look at Johnny Depp and Russell Crowe to relace Pitt.

AND they’re looking at suing Pitt for pulling out.


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