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Pics of Jennifer Aniston and JohnMayer Sunbathing

john mayer jennifer aniston sunbathing

Wow! They sure look really cute together!!! INTOUCH has these photos of Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer lounging around last weekend in Miami, Fla. Looks like fun to me! I really didn’t think much about them eating lunch together, I mean it’s just lunch! But this is awfully cozy.

the two were inseparable over the long weekend. When asked how he was doing, after spending four days with his new love, John smiled. “My weekend was good,” he told In Touch exclusively.

They could just be friends, I mean I lounge with my friends, but they know the pics are going to get out there. And Jen does seem to have a thing for the somewhat sweet somewhat a-hole boys, and John with his new tattoo sleeve fits the bill!!!!

Enjoy it! who cares if it goes anywhere.


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