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PHOTOS! Lindsay Lohan surrenders, headed to jail

After arriving LATE to her court date this morning, Lindsay Lohan DID surrender as per judge’s orders.  She will begin serving her 90 day jail sentence immediately.

There was one change to her sentence, though.  Instead of waiting two days from the time she is released from jail to report to her parole officer, LL will need to do it within 24 hours.

Due to California being the backwards state that it tends to be, Lindsay will likely only spend 3 weeks of her 90 day jail sentence.  That’s not “celebrity” justice, that’s just California.

Let’s see how this goes.

Oh and there was a crazy man, no not just Michael Lohan, outside of the court screaming to “Free Lindsay!”  and that “she just likes COCAINE!”  Gee, with fans like that, it’s a wonder the judge didn’t give her a lighter sentence.

Images via TMZ live feed.