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Peeler on Last night's show -update

brian peeler

We told you MONTHS ago about Trainer Brian Peeler leaving Sky Sport Spa….

Sooooooooo, if you watch the show WORKOUT on BRAVO, you were in for a “treat” last night when Brian Peeler, and Jackie Warner got into it in her office. (it all started when jackie’s “manager” was being catty and was making fun of Peelers client’s breast. Turns out the client was a breast cancer survivor…) Brian went into the office to talk about what was said, and Jackie fired Peeler. (Ok that’s a really condensed version, I left a lot out)

So here we go with the he said she said story that I am SURE will develop. (READ JACKIE’s RESPONSE HERE)
From Peeler’s Myspace Bulletin

About last night

Well we have come to a pivotal episode. I have been taught growing up in my small town of Granite Quarry, NC do not treat people bad. That you treat people how you wish to be treated.

Jamie Eason and her boyfriend Rich are very good friends of mine and I would do anything for them. My friends are not friends to me they are “FAMILY” and I take care of my family.
When Rich told me exactly what she and Lisa had been saying about Jamie and also about myself I was so freaking mad that I could not control myself.

I knew that I had to say something but I planned to do it in a professional manner. So that is why when I went into her office I was calm, cool, and collected. This is how you are supposed to act when you go in your bosses office.

I never raised my voice to her nor was I out of line for asking the question I was asking. She is the one that took it to the next level. Not only that she bold face lied to everyone of you out there if you really want to know what was said you can talk to Rich Jamie’s boyfriend. He is on my top friends list on my myspace page just in case you want to.

I hate this woman with every ounce of my body. I know that is a strong word but I stand behind it.

I have developed a show and I am going to go to the network with it so keep your fingers crossed.
The best revenge is success from what I here. This show will not be about how much sex or how much fighting you can do. It will be 100% about making people healthy and give them a better way of life.

There is a lot more to it than that but it is a real workout show helping real people with real problems.

I would like to say great job Greg Plitt and Ericka on there cover shoot that is awesome for them.

Just to let everyone know I read every message to my myspace and to my email and the blogs on Bravo and the boards on here.

I don’t always have the time to write back but I do read everyone so please write if you like. If you want to train with me contact me at to set up session
if you would like a PEELERBUILT shirt go to you can take a look at my new gym
here till next week keep up the
support it means a lot.

Brian A. Peeler

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