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Pay MORE of his Bills!

SHUT UP!!!! Not only did she carry his lame ass while they were married, now Britney Spears has to pay most of Kevin Federline’s lawyer’s fees! SHUT UP!!!

the court issued an order on Tuesday that Britney must pony upwards of $120,000 in legal charges for her ex, whose only current income is the $20,000/month child support Britney pays.

This all brings up a few questions: Isn’t $20,000/month ($240,000/year) a substantial amount of money? At least enough to pay your own legal bills? And since this same $20,000/month is coming from Britney, wouldn’t she really be indirectly paying his bills anyway

HE DOESN’T HAVE A JOB!!!????? Oh that really pisses this me off.

I’d be pissed off if it was a woman too who sat on her ASS and squirted out a couple of kids, but didn’t do ANYTHING…. and then didn’t get herself a JOB after the divorce. (Heather Mills anyone?)



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